Monday, September 2, 2013

THC WEEKLY NEWS - with Jessica LeRoux - September 2, 2013

Hey Now, 

Jessica LeRoux at the Capitol
Its been a big holiday weekend and our community is going through a needless tragedy due to alcohol. As most of you already know Denver Moms for Marijuana founding member and cannabis activist was struck and killed saturday when a drunk driver going the wrong way in the HOV lane hit the car being driven by Jenny & Rev Jeremy head on. She is survived by 4 young children and her loving partner Rev Jeremy was also in the accident. Worst of all the young woman who killed Jenny had a history of repeat DUI even though she was only 27 years old. We must use this opportunity to educate people to the fact that Cannabis is much safer than Alcohol and easier to use responsibly. And because of the new DUID laws any incident where there is injury results in all parties having their blood tested, where there is strong probability THC will be found in both Jenny & Jeremy's blood. We must remain alert to any potential spin doctoring of this tragedy as being in any way related to Jenny and Jeremy's use of cannabis, we must set the record straight at every opportunity that Jenny's murder is 100% due to a drunk getting on the wrong side of the highway, period. Click here for Jenny's memorial fund,

This Thursday the 5th is Juror Rights Day, please do your part to educate your patients on their rights to deny implementation of unjust laws. THe best way for "we the people" to change things is to push the expense of enforcement back to LEOs and off of the backs of citizens whose only "crime" is the choice of intoxicant they prefer by using juror nullification to point out the hypocrisy of the Drug war. 

You can find out more about what I feel are serious concerns for the industry regarding the State's MITS or Marijuana Inventory Tracking Solution program as well as Intellectual Property Rights, Consolidation, and the november tax proposals...Video Media ‹ Clover Leaf
and you get some opinionated quotes from me also in this Story from KUNC

STATE OF CO updates: 
More info on that MITs inventory system I was upset about last week. It turns out no matter what your plan is going forward either medically recreationally or both you WILL be buying into this MITs system period. The glaring issue is the presumption that small businesses will pony up for a system sight unseen with no defined price tag. More alarming is the fact that MITS system designer Franwell is pretty much the Haliburton of IT, and they have fucked up their last three projects by being both late and over budget. With weeks to go this is distressing at best. We need to make a show of solidarity and collectively as an industry DEMAND a per system buyers PRICE CAP on the MITS system. Contact me if this is something you are willing to participate in… Also I'm linking a screen shot from the Cannabis Thereapy Institute on a proposed franwell system that is about a year old… and a link to RFID products designed by Franwell where you can speculate as to how this might work for all of us.

link to last week's Denver City council meeting: Discussed topics include distance restrictions, public hearings, co-location of both license types in a business, moving a license, and many more. 
 i dunno if this will up online following of the live feed but lots of the ladies in the audience should remember that there is a camera present when crossing their legs…

and or…. 
and lastly:

Military missed points:

so much for my eco-responsible delivery concept! 

September Edibles new flavors and super deals!!!

Im pretty proud to say that while I've owned Twirling Hippy Confections for the better part of two decades, and had the same logo since the year 2000, this month will mark the official 4th anniversary of Twirling Hippy Confections being an LLC and state licensee (1st local business Edibles license pulled in 2009). I am far from the most profitable entrant to the industry but I take great pride in making it this far 100% on the strength of sales of our products and never ever took one penny of investor money. We offer a high quality responsible alternative to the industry's copy cat glut of cheap ingredients and unsafe extraction methods and we are still in business, (in fact we've renewed all our state and local licenses twice now) so I guess I'm a bit more business savvy than many pretenders to the throne have speculated over the years. 
Call me on Tuesday if you wanna get a great deal and participate in Twirling Hippy Confection's 4th Anniversary opportunity to pass some serious savings on our products on to your patients…. 303 922 3661 
We will work with each location that responds to craft a special offering with your management and owners based on your record of sales with us! Those who have pimped the hardest for the longest time will be able to offer the deepest discounts as our way of acknowledging that I would never have been in business this whole 4 years with out the support of some fantastic MMC partners. 
Keep an eye on this newsletter all month for the Anniversary savings we will offer each week. 

Palisade Peach cheesecakes will continue to be offered until we run out of delicious organic locally sourced peaches. Gluten free 125 Mg THC, handmade, $6.50 wholesale. 

Bronco Bites… THis week is the 1st regular season game. Never can tell what might happen, but I can promise you will be cooler if you skip being a cliched douchebag and don't bring another tired 6 pack to the party, now show your love for the team and for livin life mile high by picking up a sack of Bronco Bites to share with your friends instead. 3 flavors, all gluten free, 240 total Mgs THC in easy to control doses. 

Nips are a new Product Im introducing this week… 5 flavors 20 Mg Thc each, comes in a sleeve with all 5 flavors, or in a straight sleeve of any of these compelling new original flavors:
1. Almond Nips
2. Cherry Creme Nips
3. Cookies N Caramel Nips
4. Greenut Caramel Nips
5. Peppermint Nips
all flavors are gluten free, 20 MG THC each (packaging ready for january too) 
sleeve of 5 assorted or homogenized Nips is $6.50 wholesale. 

New Chocolate flavor for September will honor Bob Marley! New flavor is called Small Ax, in honor of the effort made by many CO activists to chop away at cannabis laws both locally and statewide. 
Small Ax is a 125 Mg THC triple layer chocolate made with a layer of our signature dark chocolate blend, a layer of extra medicated milk chocolate with caramel bits and chopped GF sandwich cookies, and finished with another layer of deep dark chocolate… very similar to our new cookies and caramel nips flavor, once again its a gluten free offering that is delicious and very effective. 

New deal on "flavors of the month" at this time we shall start to offer you the option of ordering ANY speciality flavor of the month no matter what month it is (unless the fruit needed is simply not in season) with 4 days notice as long as you order a minimum of 8 units of the flavor you desire. 
If you like this idea but not the fact that you've forgotten what those flavor offerings were… do not fret they are in the book of products many of you have been given recently. My awesome web team is working hard to get the pages of the book online to my website so you can print them out and assemble your own version of the book or simply print by the page. 

and remember if you wanna lock in savings order by Noon on Tuesday the 3rd  to save 10% off any order of 30 units or more. * order must be paid at time of delivery or discount will not be applied. 

Jessica LeRoux
2145 W Evans, Denver CO 
Twirling Hippy Confections 
303 922 3661 


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