Friday, January 17, 2014


Re: “Don’t get worked up about 4/20,” Jan. 15 editorial. (Denver Post)
Brown with tomato plants
(once considered poisonous)
Your editorial sounds like The Denver Post is the media sponsor for 4/20. You raise some important questions about the role of the Denver City Council, maintaining we shouldn’t worry about 4/20 and its illegal behavior. Worrying about our city is part of our job.
In November 2012, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64. The council responded to the will of Denver voters, working long and hard to create a legal framework for marijuana sales, consumption and penalties. Our new laws reflect what was in Amendment 64, which specifically prohibits “consumption that is conducted openly and publicly or in a manner that endangers others.”
The annual 4/20 event, which takes place on seven acres in the heart of our city in historic Civic Center, is not an image that will appear in any chamber of commerce or tourism brochure. During last year’s event, shots were fired, people were injured and hundreds were sent fleeing, scared for their lives.
When the council passes laws, we expect them to be enforced. There is no asterisk in the law that makes an exception for Civic Center on April 20. Like any other group, 4/20 organizers and participants must abide by our established laws and regulations.
Charlie Brown, Denver
The writer is a Denver city councilman and head of the Amendment 64 committee.

This letter was published in the Jan. 18 edition.


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