Monday, January 13, 2014

HERE COMES THE 4/20 TRAIN - Jan 13, 2014

Opinion by Gerald Trumbule

Denver City Council's Special Issues Committee - Amendment 64  Marijuana, just adjourned. It was a doozy of a meeting and I'll be putting select clips from the Ch 8 coverage up here. In the meantime, here are some details.
After they took a recess for a swearing-in, Council reconvened to consider the upcoming annual 4/20 celebration, you know, the Civic Center Park get together where everyone lights up a joint at 4:20 to celebrate...that they can.
Theories abound as to the significance of the number 420, but the real purpose of the event has always been for the stoners to demonstrate to the world ...that they can. Yes, despite the irrational laws prohibiting this minor intoxicant, we are going to ingest it right in front of you! THIS IS A FORM OF CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. When pot was illegal, but at the same time becoming more tolerated and the 4/20 Celebration grew to thousands, the cops had the sense to do nothing.
At this meeting, DPD Chief White seemed, as he usually does, to be the only adult in the room. He has a certain demeanor, not exactly a sly smile, but one that confirms that "we all know what we are talking about here folks: 100 cops are not going to do anything when 60,000 people light up, but our intent is to write citations when the law is broken". And you know what we mean by intent - we'd like to, but for public safety reasons, we can't. Jeanne Fats didn't seem satisfied with that and Jeanne Rob fixated on "the transfer" of pot to kids at the celebration - what?. Robin Kneich repeated made it clear that she trusts White to do the right thing.
Chris Nevitt, ever the realist, suggested that a permit be granted for pot smoking on that day and place. You know, like is done with alcohol? Duh! Seems like an obvious solution, but no! Charlie Brown says that if we do that then we'll have to start granting licenses "on Saint Patty's Day and Cinco de Mayo and..." Gee, that would be "like alcohol" wouldn't it.
I don't want to give everything away - you'll be able to see for your self here soon.


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