Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Intercontinental Day of Protest Against the TPP

Civic Center Park
Friday, 31 Jan 2014, 4:30 PM

We are not alone! Millions of people across the globe who realize the damage the TPP would do our lives are going to stage a coordinated protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Act (TPP) on January 31st. Although the text of the bill is classified, we have learned enough from leaks to know that it would spell the end of our democracy.
MoveOn Denver Metro council has held three actions to protest the TPP and have contributed to the fight to prevent a “fast track” vote that would require our legislators to vote yes or no on the bill without knowing anything about it or being able to discuss or amend it. We have stopped the fast track vote twice, but the multinational corporations that wrote the bill with their profits in mind will be pressuring Congress to vote on it again fairly soon. If we want to stop it, and it is critical to every single issue we believe in that we do so, we need to educate the public about what it contains and urge them to pressure their legislators to vote against it. We keep fighting and educating and we invite you to join us.
Message from host: We will hold a honk and wave action on January 31 with signs and handouts to educate the public about the bill. Come to Civic Center Park at Broadway and Colfax, west sidewalk at 4:30 to join the honk and wave. If you can come early, pick up some handouts at the park and distribute them on the mall at quitting time.
To quote Margaret Flowers who has helped spearhead this movement, “the TPP affects many issues, among them worker’s rights and wages; environmental collapse and climate change; sovereignty of nations and democratic rule of law; Internet freedom and online creativity; food safety and agriculture; health care and financial regulation including controls over the flow of capital. This is an opportunity for everyone working on these issues and more to join together in unity to stop the TPP… The only groups helped by these trade agreements are big transnational corporations who get cheap labor, avoid environmental regulations, and have inexpensive access to resources.“
To learn more go to: or or Public Citizen also has some good information on their website. Then make a sign about the impact of this bill on your favorite progressive issue and join us. We will be joined by activists from other groups that want to protect our freedom and sovereignty.


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