Sunday, January 19, 2014

I-70 will be privatized in a $1.1 billion dollar deal

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Hot topic: Help Fight Colorado Highway Privatization
Tues Jan 21, 2012, 5:30pm at Shine in Boulder, Colorado
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The American Legislative Exchange Council has launched a major attack on solar in Colorado that could cripple the industry and clean energy production. ALEC is funded by coal, oil and toll road development companies.
ALEC has already privatized US #36 from Denver to Boulder with a 50 year contract awarded 6 months ago. Over the next two months I-70 will be privatized in a $1.1 billion dollar deal and made into a toll road in downtown Denver and going up to the mountains.
The Boulder Sustainable Energy executive team is very concerned about the impacts that converting public highways into private toll roads will have on our member's liberty and freedom to enjoy mountain recreation. We don't want ALEC to take away your right to install solar if you so desire. We invite you to help fight the ALEC attack on the people of Colorado.
At this event come talk to me and we will form a Council of War to halt the ALEC attack on Colorado. Meet great people, enjoy green drinks and find out how you can help!
Ken J. Beitel - "A Friend of Colorado"
cell: 720 436-2465
website: Friends of Colorado
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