Saturday, December 20, 2014

Between 17th Ave and 16th Ave, the alley between High St & Race St.

(From Nextdoor - City Park West)
Hello everyone. I have been in touch with Albus Brooks, our town councilman. We are planning to discuss the problems with drug dealers, gangs, and other problems that are not being addressed by the Property Managers of the Low Income Housing, Section 8, etc.
While the vast majority of those residents are good people and need this assistance, we are trying to get the owners/property managers to do a better job with regard to the bad tenants that are making our neighborhood littered and unsafe. We see a LOT of drug use in the alley that connects 2 of these Low Income Apartment Bldgs.,
If anyone out there is having problems with tenants in the Section 8/ Low Income Housing, please contact me. We have had quite a bit of trouble with violent drug dealers in the apartments on E 17th Ave. (while shooting at rival gang members driving by on 17th Ave, on a Friday evening, 4 bullets went into our building, 2 went thru the front door of our neighbors and were lodged in their wall). We worked closely with the police and were able to get them evicted last April. We also just helped the Property Manager get rid of another tenant that is part of this same gang.
Lets work together to keep City Park West safe and beautiful.
Chris Kahlmeyer
UPDATE 12/23/2014

Chris Kahlmeyer, City Park West
Hello everyone,
I just received an email confirming an appointment with our City Councilman, Albus Brooks on December 31st.
If you are having trouble with the tenants in the Low Income Housing, please send me as much information as you can, I want to share as much information as possible with Mr. Brooks when we meet.
In a 1 block radius from my house alone, I estimate close to 300 Low Income Housing units, compared to only about 15 -20 townhouse/apartments/duplexes in the same area.
We want to work with our Councilman and the Property Managers to keep the crime and criminals out of the Low Income Housing in our neighborhood.
Please share any information regarding issues with the Low Income Housing in City Park West.
Thanks so much!


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