Wednesday, December 3, 2014


The future of Globeville:  an 80 acre trucking distribution facility, the trucks from which will beat the streets of Denver to death while Adams County reaps the taxes.  Only in Globeville would such a thing be seen as an improvement.  Oh, maybe Eads.
Meanwhile, the children of Globeville will continue to attend Garden Place Elementary, a 4 story, 1904 structure in the armpit of I-70 and I-25, two blocks from the Burlington Freight Yards.  A nice enough building, but shouldn't it be transitioned to a use that isn't full of developing lungs of "disposable children?"
What a reflection on the wonderful "non-profit community" that this plan passes unanimously:  the trucks are the future and not the children.  Meanwhile "glee-mania" runs rampant over the billion dollar stock show expansion plan.  The cow groomers get new digs but the children of Globeville will continue to be sent to spend their days studying in a fog of chemicals, a stone's throw from 100 ea 30,000 gallon chemical cars.  As to a new school for all the anticipated new residents to be drawn in by the North Metro commuter rail station?  Oh, those people won't have children!
Meanwhile the City has yanked my Use Permit after I've lived here 16 years, due to my having some outside storage in the back of my art studio (raw materials for future finished products) across the street from 10 acres of outside storage on the stock show property.  Onwards and upwards, eh?  Can hardly wait to see what's next.  More "hush money" in the pipeline, I'm sure.
The carrots, the sticks, and the "walkable, sustainable communities."  OH MY.
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