Thursday, December 25, 2014

WALKABOUT - CITY PARK - Dec. 23. 2014

Opinion by Gerald Trumbule
I drove down to 23rd and York and entered City Park. After winding around past the circle and tennis courts, I came upon this wall of various fences, one of which is an "art work" called Avian Front. It looks pretty much like a rusted iron machine fashioned into a fence with tall grass in front of it. It keeps you from seeing the western portion of the Zoo's acreage. It is not aesthetically pleasing, despite the attempt to "artify" it.
Looks like the entrance to an abandoned junk yard

Around the corner looking east toward Duck Lake

Who can say what the status of Duck Lake is today? After being dredged, the island looks completely dead now, but of course it is winter.

It looks as if a new big box shopping center has been built on the east side of the lake. There is a large machine in the main building (Waste 2 Energy plant?), housed as if it were a large animal on display.

Once past the end of Duck Lake, I started up the steps to Ferril Lake, and turned around, for the full junk-yard effect. the so-called "Zoo Butt". (Ed. note: I think Tom Morris coined the term here.)

I noticed a new thingy by the walk there. Solid concrete bench?, memorial?, hieroglyphic symbols on the sides?? I have no idea. Maybe it will get a plaque. Well placed to sit and contemplate the Zoo Butt.

Proceeding east on Zoo Butt road, we are treated to more junk-yard exposure.

There is a little picnic area tucked in here, and an optimistic sign for "Zoo entrance", but you will have to walk all the way around to the front of the Zoo to gain entrance.


Approach from the school bus loading area

Tinsel Tree

"Outdoor Studio" has all the warmth of a stone quarry.

Data Outlet on the Plaza

Remembrance of Trees Past

Architectural feature of glass beads embedded in concrete

Museum addition as seen looking north from the extravagant school bus turn-around


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