Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Civic organizations that exist that you can participate/communicate with regarding City Park West

(From Ean Tafoya on FB)
Happy Holidays Everyone,
I have been following the conversations regarding CPFAN and I wanted to take a moment and list a few other civic organizations that exist that you can participate/communicate with regarding our lovely neighborhood rather then starting another group. I suggest visiting them all included CPFAN before you decide which one you would like to dedicate your time too. You can also voice park opinions monthly at the Denver Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. There is open public comment at the beginning of each meeting on the second Thursday of each month at 5:30.

City Park West Neighborhood Organization- I understand that Elizabeth Pearlman is still interested in gathering people to make CPWNO a reality again. I can say that after working to get it off the ground in the past with Liz and neighbors that I it is take a lot of work from committed neighbors to get all the outreach and organizational pieces together. i.e. regular meeting spaces, website, email distribution of content, plus agenda building. I highly encourage people to work towards this with Liz.
If you like to participate on smaller committees or projects with organization that are more established and cover the same boundaries I would suggest:
Uptown on the Hill, Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN), or the City Park Alliance.
Uptown on the Hill has a board and several committees that are working on annual block parties, park beautification, and other community projects. Uptown also tracks zoning and other issues that the City informs RNO's about. Frank Silady Locantore is the President of the Board and I am sure he would love to talk to potential members about City Park and Uptown.
CHUN - is one of Denver's first Neighborhood groups. It covers a large area including CPW, South City Park, Congress Park, Chessmen Park, Cherry Creek and Capitol Hill. It two follows city issues and zoning, liquour, park issues, in addition to running the People's Fair and other civic issues. I am currently a member of this board and would lover to talk to people about our organization chunddenver.org
City Park Alliance - was formed in 1999 with a vision of restoring City Park. The bring together community, corporate and government resources to support park improvement projects. City Park Alliance gathers and engages the community, and mobilizes partners and resources for capital improvements, programs and events, and advocates for and communicates with all stakeholders on issues affecting City Park.
The City Park Alliance is run by a volunteer board of directors. Representatives from Denver Parks and Recreation, the Denver Zoo, and the Museum of Nature and Science sit on this board as well as several community members with a particular interest and commitment to City Park. Contact them directly at cityparkalliance@gmail.com
I am available to answer questions on the thread regarding my suggestions.


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