Friday, August 22, 2014

CHIVE Fest neighbors described the excessive noise

NOTES FROM INC PARC MEETING AUG. 19, 2014 via Dave Felice


CHIVE Fest neighbors described the excessive noise which topped the noise meter limits, and was not enforced.  “311” was not operating; police said there was nothing they could do.  The foul language loudly broadcast into the neighborhood was sexist, racist and obscene.  Trash littered the park and neighborhood, where residential lawns were used as bathrooms.  PARC discussed two drafts presented by the neighbors: “Neighborhood Noise Resolution” asking that the City revise the noise ordinance and measurement process, and “Resolution on Disturbance of the Public Peace in Parks” asking that a policy be created regarding festival permits for public parks that honors the intent of the Denver Municipal Code.  PARC voted to present the “Noise Resolution” draft, with some changes to be made by Kathleen Wells, to INC Sept. 14.  She also will work on the second Resolution above.  Events in public parks adjoining neighborhoods must have lower noise level limits, monitored accurately and continually, and police enforcement must be available for all unlawful activity."


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