Friday, August 8, 2014


via Facebook by Seth Willey

Chive update. Permit issued. More info below.

"The Chive Fest permit has been issued as of Thursday evening. The event organizers have paid their permit costs in full at this time.
While this is just a pretty standard permit/invoice document, here is what the organizers of the Chive Fest have agreed to in receiving this permit:
The organizers have made the following commitments:
* Parking - DPR asked the organizers to ensure that additional parking agreements were obtained as part of their overall parking and transportation plan - event officials estimate that the majority of their attendees will arrive between 4 and 6 p.m.
0. Chive Fest has received permission to direct users to two additional church facilities (200 spaces)
1. Chive Fest attendees will also have the ability to use the East High School parking lot, located directly across 17th Ave., from City Park
2. Received permission to access Zoo and Museum surface lots after 5:00pm (740 spots) and DMNS garage after 6:00pm (710 spots)
3. Existing parking spaces within the park will be available on a first come/first served basis
* Noise - City Ordinance allows music events/festivals to have a maximum noise level of 80 decibels
0. A Denver Environmental Health Noise Inspector will monitor noise levels four different times throughout the day from three different locations within and near the venue. Those results will be posted to the DPR Facebook page;
1. The event promoter has agreed, in writing, to lower the volume if sound levels exceed 80 decibels at any time. Additionally, the promoter will have a dedicated sound consultant/community liaison assigned to assist in sound mitigation and monitoring
* Trash - Event organizers are working with a third-party event group that will specifically manage recycling and trash handling for the event
0. Training will be provided for vendors regarding how/what to recycle versus put into the trash stream
1. Vendors will be directed to the appropriate products and materials that can be purchased through a restaurant supply company that offer the best and easiest benefits for recycling
2. Large trash receptacles will be brought in to handle trash for the event
3. Six contract staffers will be dedicated solely to trash and recycling services for the duration of the event.
* Emergency Services Plan
0. Not required but they have provided an emergency plan to address a severe weather event
* Port-a-lets - Per their permit, the event organizers are required to provide a total of 50 portable restrooms
0. They will supply 66 Deluxe Restrooms and five ADA-accessible restrooms; a certain number will be outside the boundaries of the event to offer services for any park visitors who are drawn by the music but choose to use an area of the park that is not closed-off to the event
* Security - The event organizer is supplying double the amount of police officers required by permit
0. DPD will supply one Supervisor and six officers from 12-11 p.m., and an additional four officers from 3-11 p.m. (10 total DPD officers)
1. Although it is not required per their permit, the Chive Fest promoter will also supply 54 private security officers from Argus on site during the event
2. Organizers are also paying for 4 extra DPR Park Rangers to monitor the park and event
* Costs -
0. The cost of the permit is approximately $10,000
1. In addition, the city will receive a total of 15 percent of gross ticket sales from taxes and fees collected.
* Organizers available for contact on the day of the event
0. The promoter's Community Liaison will be available for contact during the event at 303.681.7333. They have shared this information with local residents and neighborhood leaders
* Alcohol -
0. Alcohol sales will cease at 9:00 pm; the event ends at 10 p.m. and the park closes at 11 p.m.


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