Tuesday, August 26, 2014

INC Resolution on Disturbance of the Public Peace in Parks

WHEREAS, Inter Neighborhood Cooperation adopted the Platform
for Denver Urban Parks in 2011, and
• WHEREAS, the Park Platform emphasizes protection of open green
space and community-based park use policies, and
• WHEREAS, Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) is not to issue a
festival park permit in violation of the Denver City Municipal Code,
Sec. 39-12- Disturbance of the peace; and
• WHEREAS, under Sec. 39-12-Disturbance of the Peace, language
permitted for festival permits which is unseemly, profane, vulgar, or
obscene is not allowed and its usage in open public park space and
would result in a summons, and
• WHEREAS, Denver Parks and Recreation permitting has issued
permits for festival parks, in violation of Sec. 39-12 and the
Department's own published rules and regulations regarding
Disturbance/Noise, and is likely to do so in the future, and
• WHEREAS, A permit in in violation of Sec. 39-12, was recently
issued for the Chive Fest at which unseemly, profane, vulgar,
obscene, language was evident in open public parks space and
heard throughout nearby neighborhoods, now therefore,
• BE IT RESOLVED, that until community based policies and
procedures are in place to screen and to manage permitting of such
events and ensure that they are consistent with standards explicit in
the Denver City Municipal Code Sec. 39-12-Disturbance of the
Peace, INC respectfully requests Denver Parks and Recreation place
an immediate moratorium on all open park festival permitting.


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