Saturday, August 30, 2014

Whittier Alley Loop - $7000 for a "creative urban intervention" of paint (Updated)

Imagine what this will look like in 3 years.
Project: The Whittier Alley Loop
Grant: $7,000
Neighborhood: The project is designed to connect four alleyways in the historic Whittier neighborhood
Site: Four Alleyways between Williams, High and Race streets
About: The Whittier Alley Loop is a creative urban intervention, transforming under-used alleyways and connecting important places within the neighborhood, including the Ford-Warren Library, a Recreation Center, Madame CJ Walker Park, and local businesses. This project aims to create unique public spaces and demonstrate that alleyways can become creative neighborhood assets, instead of just utilitarian right-of-ways.
The Whittier Neighborhood Association represents a diverse community in Denver's rapidly changing urban core. WNA is committed to building upon the assets of the residents in the neighborhood.

Opinion by Gerald Trumbule
Pardon me, but I was under the impression that alleys were to provide access to the properties on that block, not shortcuts for pedestrians on their way to libraries, rec centers or local businesses. I thought that sidewalks were for this purpose. Painting this alley in this crude, linear, architectural way may "create unique public spaces and demonstrate that alleyways can become creative neighborhood assets", but I'm guessing that the project will attract additional spontaneous citizen input, also in the form of paint, as in spray-painted graffiti. It will be almost irresistible to the young creative artists. Unfortunately, they can be arrested and fined for that participation.

I note the name Radian on the rendering above, and I can't find much about them except that their Facebook pages have been taken down.

Update: Thanks to a reader - Radian website.


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Why was Radian the only name mentioned in the last paragraph? Engage8 and the Whittier Neighborhood Association are listed there too.