Friday, August 8, 2014

National Cannabis Consultant and Local PR Veteran Join Forces for Colorado’s First Cannabis Focused Public Relations Firm

Go Wanda, Go!

(Denver, CO) -- Colorado now has its first public relations and marketing firm dedicated to the advancement, regulation and public education of the cannabis industry.

Wanda James, cannabis consultant and political strategist has joined forces with twenty five year public relations veteran, Tracy Williams, principal of TradeWinds Communications, to form Cannabis Global Consulting (CGC), the public relation and marketing division of the Cannabis Global Initiative (GCI) which will focus on assisting municipalities, corporations and elected officials to better navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the cannabis industry.

CGC is a full service public relations firm, complete with media placement, branding expertise, logo and web design, and outreach. The firm employs legislative and regulatory experts along with cannabis, education and health industry professionals. What differentiates the firm is its alliance with the City Park Law Group and their public affairs team. City Park Law Group specializes in promoting inclusiveness for small businesses entering emerging markets, and they are experts in managing the business growth and the political needs of CGI’s client base. This will allow CGI to support clients with pertinent contracts, business development, planning, and establishing professional and political networks.

"We not only want to educate the community on the myths and realities of marijuana,” says James, “we want to assist the national and international market infrastructure by educating the public, and training the elected officials to better administer the regulatory process needed to create a sustained growth industry.”

James knows marijuana. She was one of the first licensed medical marijuana dispensary owners and owner of the one of the largest cannabis edible companies in Colorado.

She was an appointee to the Governor’s Amendment 64 Task Force Work Group and original member of the Amendment 64 campaign committee. James has a thorough understanding of cannabis history from the date and reason it was originally outlawed, to how the government has historically classified it in the same realm as methamphetamine.

Williams brings a 25-year track record of public relations, community outreach and education campaigns for clients such as The Nielsen Company, the Denver Preschool Program, the Governor’s Energy Office and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

There’s also a personal stake for James and Williams.
“For so long, people of color have been systematically and disproportionately criminalized and jailed for smoking and selling marijuana,” says Williams. “Now that its use is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia, we are personally dedicated to making sure they’re not shut out of the benefits and profits of its medicinal use and legalization.”

“We also want to make sure companies that sell cannabis, medicinal or recreational, have the tools they need to successfully market their businesses and survive the hurdles that come with any new industry,” says Williams. “Our role is to help provide them with those tools.”

Cannabis Global Initiative’s mission is to assist with the sustained growth, regulation and development of the cannabis industry for municipalities, policymakers, small businesses, the community and other cannabis-related entities in local, national international markets.

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