Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Break-ins - City Park West

in my experience, a "crime wave" such as this is usually one guy. From Facebook:

Attempted break in at 24th & Race, successful break in at 26th & Race, another one at 24th & Humboldt. Alleged suspect in several cases identified as a tall African-American male in his early 20s, rings doorbell to see if anyone home, then goes around back of house, either trying to open the door or kick it in (as happened in one case).

Electrical system boxes are being torn completely off of exterior walls in an attempt to shut down alarm systems. Large, loud dogs were also not a deterrent in the case of one of the above instances. These thugs are getting to be much bolder and much more aggressive/destructive in their attempt to ruin lives.

Stay alert, call in ANY suspicious activity - no matter how seemingly insignificant - to DPD (720 913 2000 Non-emergency, or 911 if imminent danger present) and report detailed physical descriptions and circumstances to the police as well as posting those descriptions here.

Doing so may just save yourselves - and your neighbors - a ton of heartache and a ton of cost of repairs this holiday season.


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