Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NAYSAYER, DECEMBER, 2013 by Phil Goodstein

Denver is cursed by majestic, peaceful open spaces. Such is the message of the Beverly Hills-based Levitt Pavilions. It wants to destroy them, especially on Ruby Hill. A supposed charitable foundation, Levitt insists it is necessary to replace what it brands an “underused public space” with a concert pavilion. While promising it will provide money for up to 50 free concerts a year at the bandstand, the company concedes this is a means of having ticketed events at restricted venues in public parks.
Levitt also vows its outdoor events will be year round. Such promises are only for the gullible, like those who swallowed Elitch’s vow of being a year-round facility should voters give it a massive subsidy to move to the floodplain. Worst of all, the Levitt argument is that eliminating open spaces for the amplified noise of the music machine is culture. For its efforts to obliterate the integrity of a historic Denver park, Levitt Pavilions and its supporters are the Associate Naysayer of the Month.


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