Saturday, December 7, 2013


Photo and text by Tanner Spendley

Anons took to the streets of Denver the night of December 5th under the call out of Help the Homeless/OpXmas. Temperatures dropped to -5 as about 30 people handed out jackets and blankets to all who needed them.
Across the country the elites and their protectors are criminalizing homelessness while robbing people of their homes. "Shits fucked up. Shits fucked up and bullshit" as well as chants of "Repeal The Urban Camping Ban" and "Sleeping Is a human right" echoed throughout downtown. Our high spirits kept us warm as over 25 cop cars idled near by to "protect and serve" the shit out of us. There was an abundance of donations, one passerby even took his jacket off and handed it to an anon for donations."


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