Sunday, December 8, 2013

THC NEWSLETTER by Jessica LeRoux - December 8, 2013

Hey NOW, 

Biggest news Ive ever had to write to you all… at the end of this year I am wrapping up, and selling my dual state and local business licenses and Denver kitchen lease with fire suppression equipment to an extract maker. I apologize to everybody who finds this news disappointing, but the future of the industry does seem to be stacked in favor of a new focus on concentrates. Long time clients and newsletter readers will not be shocked to learn that a variety of factors both political and financial (not to mention taking the bunk ass MITs class) have contributed to a long thought out decision to take advantage of the current near peak interest in a fully licensed Denver kitchen. Now is the time to turn my liabilities into an asset and I am planning to buy a building in my rural roots which gives me much more flexibility to re-enter the industry in the spring (unless I really find i have no desire to rejoin you all, a prospect which seems unlikely by the day). I will always own the name Twirling Hippy Confections as well as all associated recipes and intellectual property, so if you have clients who love the brand, I won't sell that and compromise the quality they trust, but you might wanna tell them to stock up on their favorites now.  

BUT…. before I go, I am gonna blow out all my inventory, so you can stock the hell up, and so we don't have to destroy some of the best medicine in the state! 
If you can't pay me for everything you would like to stock up just call me 303 922 3661 and I will make a reasonable payment plan with you so you can settle up with me as the industry moves forward early next year. 

Also before we go we are offering this special holiday kiss goodbye: 
Canna Canes 
a 45 Mg active THC perfectly presented stocking stuffer, holiday ornament, or cocoa stirring stick! Gluten free and naturally flavored (yes we used a snooty hippie natural candy cane here!)  Wholesale cost $3 each must be ordered as part of a minimum order. 

Holidank Cheesecake:
125 Mg active THC, gluten free, chocolate crust, chocolate cake, pecans, caramel, walnuts, medicated chocolate drizzle, and sprinkles! 
Ho Ho HO y'know! 

this is hands down our product most appropriate to stock up on for post 1-1-14 as they are a perfect 100Mg get em by the flavor or assorted packs. 

Bronco Bites: 
51 points, need I say more? seriously stock up enough bronco bites for the post season and Super Bowl while you still can! 

Seriously CALL ME, I will work with each client to make a very special stock up deal based on the length and love in the relationship we've shared all these years. I am not as worried about the money, as I am plagued with a vague sense of guilt about these products no longer being available for the small pool of patients who have supported me so kindly for such a long time. 

a parting note about MITs that concerns me, 
Took "mymits" class Wednesday, had a conversation afterwards with julie p where i told her that i wanted to know what MITs does to trigger an enforcement visit or compliance investigation and her answer: "YOU arent allowed to know what triggers a report". (*rambling: cause then we'd all game the system, and hide our crimes better, seriously)(sub parenthesis, ^ is confirmation MED knows the system can be gamed) more smoke n mirrors inspite of the shitty MMED audit last year is only motivation for me to dig harder, so why not just build some much needed confidence in enforcement and tell us if this actually does something useful to weed out violators or is it just another bloated accounting system (with expensive electronic toys) we're forced to buy...

Julie and I also discussed the recent raids, and that at least one of the parties raided was the subject of numerous violations complaints to MMED going back to late 2010 Basically it was boo-hoo-hoo that the state didn't get credit 3 years after the complaints for allowing federal intervention through their own lack of enforcement of local complaints, and no explanation what so ever for why all the VIP locations are open for business as usual already less than 2 weeks later. 

I want to take a minute to Ask you all NICELY to be willing to offer friends a safe and sober driver behind the wheel for the next couple weeks while the heat is on, and stop DUI's when you see somebody about to commit one today and forever! 

welcome to nanny town, now you can lurk on the porch, but we snuck this past ya 


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