Monday, December 23, 2013

Final shout out of 2013, last call for cake!‏ - Jessica LeRoux - December 23, 2013

Editor: Thanks to Jessica for sharing her thoughts and flames over this past year at Denver Direct. We hope she has more time for writing now and can maybe take life a little easier. Nah, that wouldn't be Jessica, would it.

Hey Now, 

So here we are rounding out the year, and i want you to know what an interesting year it has been… Im proud of you all for making it to the finish line like champs. I will be wishing each and every one of you the very best in the coming year and from time to time I will be writing to you to update you on my personal plans for the future, or even worse to alarm you about political skullduggery at the capitol and beyond… 
I have a loosely formed plan to use a kitchen that has a current Medical MIPs license (and maybe a future rec kitchen, under application...) a few days each month so as to keep my most loyal supporters and patients i really care about covered with the Twirling Hippy Confections products they suddenly realize they can't "live" with out… my plan is to blanket the state with a once monthly run, so you guys are gonna need to be organized when the time comes in February or so and you will be given a couple weeks notice in advance…. 
Freezer space might become a premium so you probably won't be able to get the banana's n apple crisps so stock em up now! 
I hope you've all absorbed if not understood the new production cap rules, if not check this out
and this: item D in the link above begs the question of when will & how will the one time transfer be excised, if at all, on those products transferred to recreational inventory and plant count?  
But thank god so many of industry asses pandered to the falsehoods and ponied up a vote for more taxation with out representation: 
9 million on the state wide 3.2% tax of just medical patients and you still cant get a badge... yet now we need to tax every damn recreational gram at 25% to improve "police efficiency?"....6 million the year before, and since 2010 approximately 26 million in licensing fees have come due (but were they all paid?) and we are paying another 2 million for MITs on top of all this waste... huzzah!
behind the wheel… 
not exactly sure how we should collectively handle this???

FINAL DELIVERIES:  supply is limited, orders will be made and honored on a 1st come 1st served basis so call ASAP: 
We have roughly a dozen Apple crisps at 275 mg active THC this week 1st come 1st served Im selling em for $8 each… 
We also have roughly 15 chocolate covered Frozen Bananas at 100 Mg THC discounted to $5 each… 
you can pretty much get what you want of Kinship Bars (we are out of nantucket)  
plenty of Confucious Crunch (other Nuts are limited in supply, but ask if i still have em!) 
My supply of chocolates is down to about 75 assorted units, 1st come 1st served, 
I also have a small stock of Bites N Nips in various flavors… 
Im pretty limited on what i can make cheesecake wise but feel free to ask and I will try to get you at least a couple in with the rest of your order.  
delivery dates: all orders due by 12/26/13! 
Boulder & Points North: Friday the 27th
Denver proper: Saturday the 28th 
Mountain Towns (including Divide) Sunday the 29th & Monday the 30th (*let me know if you are closed early) 


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