Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Thanks to Councilwoman Susan Shepherd for restoring (7 to 6 vote) our private property rights that the Robb Amendment was set to take away. Now you can smoke pot on your front porch or backyard even if it can be seen from public property. Big whoopee!

But be aware that there are at least three additional last-minute amendments lurking in the future. Ortega (schools/1000 ft), Brooks (19 year-olds) and ??. Final hearing on Dec 23, but we will know before then what they will try to pull over on us. Constant vigilance people, it's the price we pay.

Update 12/5/13:
from DP here:
Now, Councilwoman Debbie Ortega plans to offer a new proposal that would ban smoking anywhere within 1,000 feet of a school, because clearly, if you live near a school, your dwelling doesn't count as private property.
The bigger problem is the paternalistic mindset on the council itself. If the Denver City Council holds the power to ban people from smoking marijuana on their private property because some people disapprove of that lifestyle, what will prevent the them from banning people from smoking cigarettes or cigars, drinking alcohol, engaging in kissing, or even holding hands if enough people disapprove of their lifestyle? It may seem far-fatched, but the town of San Rafael, Calif. recently took things a step further and banned smoking in all homes that share walls with other residences.


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